spectra "hollywood" facial peel



What is the Spectra Peel?

First a topical carbon  lotion is applied to the face, followed by the laser to begin the process of exfoliation by stimulating the cells. If your complexion has sun damage, brown spots, enlarged pores, and/or acne, this is the laser for you. 

Safe, painless, and effective.

We have been doing these treatments since 2012 with great results and no complications. 

Doctor performed

The doctor is the individual who will be performing the treatments.

Testimonial (typical from our clients)

"...my complexion looked so great...no more brown spots...my pores are gone... this is way better than the Microdermabrasion and Acid Peels that I was getting... my complexion is so even...I have had many compliments..." K.M. Newmarket


Consultation.........No charge

Treatment..... $150-$300  Price will depend on what needs to be done e.g. reduce pores, remove brown spots, correct sun damage etc.