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$99 -3 sessions of microdermabrasion

$99 -3 sessions of microdermabrasion

$99 -3 sessions of microdermabrasion $99 -3 sessions of microdermabrasion

Facial Pore Reduction



How does it work?

Spectra VRM 4™ Laser is an award-winning laser system that features a soft laser approach to stimulate the skin’s collagen and fibroblast, resulting in smaller pore size and firmer skin. Studies have confirmed that it can improve fine lines, achieve a more refreshed appearance, smoother skin texture and an even skin tone. Laser skin rejuvenation is a gradual process. . 

How many treatment sessions are required?

Usually patients need 1-6 treatments spaced at 1-2 weeks apart

What kind of risks are involved?

 There have been thousands of women and men that have under gone this procedure.  At our clinic, we have had dozens of patients without any complications.

Testimonial (typical from our clients)

"...I had enlarged pores on my nose and cheeks...it was like that for over a year...I had the treatment and they were completely gone...I was amazed..."

Ms. P.K. Aurora


 $500 to $1700  FOR UP TO   6 SESSIONS 

Price will depend on the size of the  area of your face that will be done. For example, if it's  only your nose, the price  will be in the lower end range... if the cheeks are done,  it will be mid range;  nose and cheeks towards the higher range.