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$99 -3 sessions of microdermabrasion

$99 -3 sessions of microdermabrasion

$99 -3 sessions of microdermabrasion $99 -3 sessions of microdermabrasion

Nonsurgical chin & tummy tightening



How does it work?

Our Radio Frequency energy safely penetrates the skin to selectively heat the fat cells and extra cellular matrix where collagen fibres are embedded. Localized heating immediately shrinks the fat cells, contracts the collagen fibres and increases the metabolism of the fibroblasts thereby accelerasting the production of new collagen and elastin fibres. In turn, the skin tightens, creating a smoother , healthier and younger looking skin.

Who will benefit from TriPolar treatments?

This treatment provides an active solution for patients of all ages and skin types.It is a gentle and effective treatment that can be used on the chin and tummy, 

It is painless and non-invasiveand can provide immediate and measurable results for a variety of conditions including:

...flabby and lax skin after pregnancy or liposuction. 

...redefining and contouring the face and chin

How many treatments will I need?

A typical treatment course consists of 10-15 sessions which each session about 20  minutes about 1 to 2 times per week.  The option of maintenance treatments once every 4-8 weeks is available to clients seeking prolonged , enhanced results. Long lasting results may vary.

Will it hurt ?

No.  These treatments are safe, gentle, and painless.

Will treatments interrupt my daily routine?

No. These treatments are so gentle that you can return to work, or your daily routine immediately after completion.

TESTIMONIALS (typical from our patients)

"...I had a saging chin...these treatments tightened my chin up ...it was great..."

Ms. L.N. Newmarket

...my tummy was pretty badly winked after my 2nd child...after a few sessions, it smoothed the wrinkles right out..."

M.G. Aurora